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Fondation Vasarely

Marco Brambilla
Fondation Vasarely
Photo by Una Attermann

Marco Brambilla:

“Victor Vasarely was an op-artist in the sixties and seventies, and he decided to open a foundation, a museum, just to show his work. The museum is not especially well-funded, it’s just basically his estate rather than a museum, but the architecture is completely Clockwork Orange, 1970s style. The outside of the building is anodized aluminum and it has his iconic circle within a hexagon with stripes. Each pavilion is like a honeycomb and you walk from cell to cell to cell. And in each cell, there are floor to ceiling pieces of his work on each wall. Now with age and time and neglect, the pieces themselves have a patina to them; you have people rubbing against certain textures, so you have scuff marks... It’s just like a time capsule of his work that has not been completely preserved.”