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Starbucks at St Anthony Hospital

Wayne Coyne
Public space, Restaurant
Starbucks at St Anthony Hospital
Photo by Kenneth Stebbins

Wayne Coyne:

“My favorite place to be alone is on the toilet. Right? So, between my house in Oklahoma City and the WOMB Gallery where I work, it’s about an eight-minute drive. And in between there’s a Starbucks, but it’s inside of St Anthony Hospital. I’ll get a strong coffee and if I drink it too fast, it absolutely makes you want to take a shit. And if I start driving too quickly, I’ll be stuck! You know what I mean? I’ve been in the hospital twice there, once for my leg when I got a giant infection and another time getting a colonoscopy thing... But the bathrooms are very secure! The door locks, the stall locks, no one can get in. I mean, you consider those things! That’s one of my spots.”