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Mobile Matrix at the Biblioteca Vasconcelos

Gabriel Orozco
Mobile Matrix at the Biblioteca Vasconcelos
© Gabriel Orozco

About Mobile Matrix:

Gabriel Orozco’s “Mobile Matrix” is a whale skeleton fitted onto a metal armature and inscribed with graphite rings and circles. Orozco found the skeleton on the shore of Isla Arena in Baja California and turned it into one of his most spectacular works, now hanging in the atrium of the Biblioteca Vasconcelos in Mexico City. The artist and twenty assistants used 6,000 mechanical pencils to apply the fine graphite lines that cover the gray whale skeleton.

Gabriel Orozco:

“Is it important for my work to be accessible? It's true that some of my pieces, like Mobile Matrix in Mexico, are accessible to everyone, even children. But in general children are not the best public to trust. I remember when I was a child I loved Salvador Dalí, but when I think about it now I think he’s a horrible artist. The reading of the work from the point of view of a kid is such a different thing than an adult. Sometimes my work is more childish, sometimes it is more light, sometimes it is more mathematical, sometimes it is more political. I guess it is because I am like that.”