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Gando Primary School

Francis Kéré
Gando Primary School
Photo by Siméon Duchoud

Francis Kéré:

“For the primary school in Gando, we used these huge canopies to protect the structure against the elements, but they are open at the top so it can breathe, so that the hot air can escape. If you are in the African desert, you know what you need? Shade! It has to be cool. I was in Burkina a couple of days ago, and we brought ice along with us! Hey, you cannot see the joy in the compound when 35 or 40 kids come out and see this, everyone was happy. When it’s noon and it’s 40 degrees Celsius… That’s the kind of thing you need to think about. I design the buildings as a place to gather, a place to stay, a place to play.”