Music Interviews


Björk“There is a dramatic change in the air”


M.I.A.“I made it to where that actions begins”


Peaches“Every kind of art is a privilege”


Syd“I’m ready to move forward”

Lee “Scratch” Perry

Lee “Scratch” Perry“I am that I am”

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams“It’s like mining for diamonds”

Paul Banks

Paul Banks“I feel like they’re evocative enough”

Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin“There was a sense of being totally free”

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli“Life has been good to me”

Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni“The real matter is the people you love”

David Byrne

David Byrne“We did okay”

Nick Cave

Nick Cave“I don’t think that people want to be like me”

Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker“It’s like seeing into the future”

Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello“I didn’t have some big blueprint”

Wayne Coyne

Wayne Coyne“You get to be a bigger version of yourself”

Alexander Ebert

Alexander Ebert“I was constantly in trouble”

Black Francis

Black Francis“It doesn’t feel like anger”

Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado“Let’s pull the mask off now”


Grimes“I want to be the best”

Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry“The music speaks for itself”

Maya Hawke

Maya Hawke“I’m a lifelong learner”

Matty Healy

Matty Healy“Nostalgia is beautiful”

Fana Hues

Fana Hues“It feels like completion”

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger“Excess was the order of the day”

Song Yi Jeon

Song Yi Jeon“That’s what I have to do”

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys“It can’t be held back anymore”

Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas“I don’t do it for anybody else”

Yoann Lemoine

Yoann Lemoine“I’m not there yet”

Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus“Music wasn’t a reality for me”

Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane“There’s room for all”

Shirley Manson

Shirley Manson“I’m enough for me”

James Mercer

James Mercer“Everyone was too cool to care”

Róisín Murphy

Róisín Murphy“Everything became about music”

Yukimi Nagano

Yukimi Nagano“I don’t feel any pressure”

The National

The National“At peace with the darkness”

Leslie Odom Jr.

Leslie Odom Jr.“We have to make room for all of it”

Genesis Owusu

Genesis Owusu“I’ve always known who I am”

Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks“It feels like what I’m meant to do”

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson“I’m very aware of my place in music”

Johnny Rotten

Johnny Rotten“I love chemical imbalances”

Patti Smith

Patti Smith“Rock 'n roll belongs to the people”

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake“Be in the moment”

Rufus Wainwright

Rufus Wainwright“I don’t preach”

Sonya Yoncheva

Sonya Yoncheva“Art cannot be lost”

Neil Young

Neil Young“You have to break out of it”