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Gael García Bernal

Gael García Bernal: “Growing up is such a gift”

July 28, 2021

Mr. García Bernal, would you say you’re the type of person who lives in the moment?

Oh, no! I think I'm a very existentialist person in the sense that I believe that the only real thing is the future. The present exists and it's completely inexorable, you cannot escape from it. But the future is the only thing that keeps us going. And thinking of the future, in a way, makes us more conscious of how to make things better. Of course it is important to be present in the moment, absolutely. But it is also important to not completely put aside everything that we have to take care of, especially with the climate emergency. If we live in the present, if we say, “Oh, I'll just forget about it, let's just live in the present — let's just burn the forests. It doesn't matter what will come tomorrow!” No, it actually does matter. There’s still the future to think about.

And what about your personal future? Are you thinking about that, too?

Well, just yesterday I was talking with some friends and thinking about, like, is doing film something for older people, or only for young people? What would it be like for me to continue this path, if I'm 80 something and I'm still doing films, would I enjoy it? I don't know. I think I would enjoy a lot being an actor in theater, maybe that’s something I might enjoy a lot more than making films, but who knows? Maybe when I'm that age, I’ll find a way of enjoying this even more. But right now, I’m in a moment where I really love the experience of being an actor.

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Steven Soderbergh

Steven Soderbergh: “I can’t reverse a trend”

July 21, 2021

Mr. Soderbergh, what does the term cinema mean to you?

Well, we’ve got to separate our terms. Cinema, as I understand it and think of it, is an approach. It has nothing to do with the venue of where the piece of cinema is going to be viewed. Those are two different things. I have seen commercials that are cinema, and I have seen movies that have won awards that I don’t think are cinema. So, to me, cinema is what the filmmaker brings and sees and shows us. Then we have the separate issue of where you see your piece of cinema.

Does that matter to you?

I have never been as precious about this as other people! Have I seen my work on a larger screen? Yep. But I have to say I don’t have a problem with people watching it somewhere else on a device, that does not bother me. Because it’s still the thing that I made. The pixels are not being rearranged. A bad idea is a bad idea if it’s 60 feet or six inches tall. This is what it is about, ultimately. As a filmmaker, it is a waste of time for me to be worrying about this. It has nothing to do with what I do on set.