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Coco Capitán

Coco Capitán: “We have gone to the other extreme”

July 17, 2019

Coco, your art universe includes photography, writing, paintings, installations, and videos. Where does your love of multimedia come from?

Well, I have always enjoyed both writing and the visual worlds of photography and painting. I belong to a generation that is very visual — it’s all about sharing photographs on social media. But I feel like the text somehow gets a little bit forgotten; I would always be writing but I felt that there was a part of myself that was really important that wasn’t present enough in my work. That’s when I decided to start focusing my writing as well, on making it equally present.

Has the Internet always been a part of your life, even growing up in the Spanish countryside?

I mean, that was the only thing for me, you know? Growing up in Southern Spain, I actually felt quite isolated, I had friends in my school but we had really different interests. I wanted to meet other people from other cultures and see how they were, so the Internet became really crucial for me. Early on, I have to acknowledge how much the Internet gave me access to culture in a way that I wouldn’t have had otherwise but now it seems that we have gone to the other extreme.

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Last week’s Interview
Chloë Sevigny

Chloë Sevigny: “I am leaning towards mysticism”

July 10, 2019

Ms. Sevigny, do you consider yourself a cinephile?

I was more of a cinephile when I had a video store at my disposal, like Kim’s Video & Music, it was easier for me to browse in that way: just being in the store and having the sales people help me. I watched a lot of movies when I was younger and I feel like in recent years I don’t know… I don’t have enough time and I feel like I am really having to step up and go to the movies more and and not fall prey to all these TV series.

I think a lot of people feel that way these days…

They are so easy to keep watching! Recently, I was like, “I am not going to download a series the next time I am traveling, I am going to download a few films and watch films instead!” I really want to keep up on it and see all these new films.