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Alison Roman

Alison Roman: “There’s no assignment”

May 5, 2021
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Ms. Roman, your recipes always feel very “you.” As a chef and the author of two best-selling cookbooks, how do you ensure that your recipes achieve that?

I've thought a lot about that because people have said that before, “Oh, I'll read a recipe and know it's yours before I see your name on it.” That's the best compliment because I feel like working with food is such an extension of my personality. I don't have me, and then my job. With my recipes, I appreciate that people can see my personality in them, and I tried to figure out what that means exactly, but I don't know. It's nothing that I tried to do. Of course, there are certain ingredients that I use a lot of like lemons and herbs and chili flakes and garlic. Those are very common ingredients, but I try to use them in a way that’s different or exciting. I just cook what I want to eat. And how I cook for myself, my friends or family is what I write down and have other people cook. It’s a very natural and organic extension of my brain.

This is a bit of a unique experience because the average person going to a restaurant isn’t necessarily familiar with the chef whose food they are eating — whereas most people who cook your recipes have watched your videos on YouTube and know your personality.

It's definitely easier when you're on multiple platforms and channels. People can get to know you through your writing or through your your videos or through your food. Another great compliment is if somebody meets me in person and says, “Oh, you're the same person that you are everywhere else.” There’s no disconnect! And so while I am definitely not for everybody, I am consistent. And I think that that's easier to pick out.

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Daniel Kaluuya

Daniel Kaluuya: “Making it is not impossible”

April 28, 2021
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Mr. Kaluuya, what kind of films were you watching as a kid?

Oh, I was watching fun shit! I’m watching Robin Williams, I’m watching Jim Carrey. I watched a lot more sitcoms back then, Fresh Prince, Different Strokes, Sister Sister, Friends, and all that. I just watched films I enjoyed or liked the premise of. But most of the time I was playing outside, then you get older and you’re chatting up girls, so there wasn’t really time for that. I didn’t arrive to acting through watching actors.

How did you arrive to acting then?

I think it was just in primary school, a teacher said to my mum, like, “You should get into acting,” because I was busy in class and I was a joker! I think I just really enjoyed making people laugh. I ended up doing improv at Anna Scher Theatre — I got on the waiting list at nine and it was a four year wait! And I got in at 13. A lot of things happened during that time, but for whatever reason I still wanted to do it.