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Peter Lindbergh

Peter Lindbergh: “Beauty has nothing to do with youth”

September 18, 2019

Mr. Lindbergh, has your perception of beauty changed over the years?

Yes, I would say so. A woman I thought of as beautiful 30 years ago is still beautiful to me now when I look at pictures of her. And even back then, it did nothing for me when someone plastered their face with make-up. If someone comes into the studio like that, they can wash it all off right away, to show the person underneath it all.

So what’s different?

Let me put it this way: I have learned over the years, that beauty has nothing to do with youth. Not that I only photographed young girls back then, but today much more than I did back then, I can appreciate how magnificently beautiful Charlotte Rampling can look at over 70 years of age. No teenager can compete with that, especially since Charlotte has never had any work done cosmetically. To have a real human being in front of you, who carries their whole life in their face is amazing. And rare.

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Last week’s Interview
Yngve Holen

Yngve Holen: “You can get what you want out of it”

September 11, 2019

Yngve, your sculptures have featured washing machines, kettles, airplanes, and cars. Are you trying to subvert our everyday reality?

I think that there is this reality, and we have to deal with it in some way. My reality right now is that I fly too much. I’ve always loved looking at planes and trains, so when I started making work, it's always been about stuff that one sees every day but just doesn't really see anymore because it's in front of them so much. It started with the kettle, which is kind of like this futuristic plastic object in your kitchen, but you don't even really look at it. And then I guess it became the same thing with planes. I just started looking at the window details, or seat details, carpet details… It’s a large part of our lives, right? I sit in the car so much, I sit in the train so much, I sit in the plane so much.

It’s easy to take inspiration from places that you spend so much time — for some people it’s nature or their studio, for example.

Right, for me, it just felt like a place where there's a lot to take from. Also, I never had my driver's license until recently so I was also thinking a lot about being in the city and just being surrounded by all of this bulk material of like matter that drives around you. I just started looking at it, and once you start looking at it you just can't get away from it. So, I guess I often make work about these things that I get stuck with in some way.