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Love Park

Chris Cole
Public space
Love Park
Photo by M. Fischetti

Chris Cole:

“Love Park is absolutely phenomenal. I remember getting off the train in Philly and I didn’t know where Love park would actually be, I just got off at like, dead center city. We got out, I was looking in one direction and then I just turned left and there was Love. It was right there! There was so many people skating... I mean, it was huge. All my favorite guys were there, I was seeing pros for the first time in this amazing place... I remember we skated so hard for so long. At one point, I sat down next to Matt Reason, who was a pro skater in Philly, and asked him a whole bunch of questions. He was cool to me the entire time! And I take that with me when I speak with fans.”

Photo by M. Edlow