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Monica Bellucci: “I like to explore the dark side”

August 30, 2012

Mrs. Bellucci, do you get more work because you are beautiful?

I know that beauty invites a certain curiosity. But, as Oscar Wilde said, beauty is just five minutes long if you don’t have anything else to sustain that curiosity. I don’t think that I would have made this kind of career if I were just beautiful. Directors don’t call you for your beauty but for your talent.

Have your looks ever been an obstacle for you?

Yes, of course – especially because I was coming from the fashion business. It was a double problem; fashion and beauty are the worst things to make it with this career. Because I’m pretty everybody thinks I’m stupid. But it is like a mask and you have to break the mask to show that there is something else behind it. You have to show who you are to make the others come to discover you.

Is that why you often choose extreme roles?

Maybe yes.

Do you still feel you have to prove yourself?

Not to others, but to myself.


Of course! I need to explore. If somebody is going to come to me with a new idea or something that is going to be a risky thing, I would do it if I am interested. I like a movie that brings out many discussions. From my experience, every time I have done movies they create this kind of situation. Like Irréversible, The Passion of the Christ, Malèna; it’s so interesting. I like to explore the dark side of humanity. That’s why I’m an actor.

Do you like to revisit those films from time to time as well?

No, I can never see a movie twice. Or maybe I can see a movie after many years because I just saw Maléna, which was funny to see again. I need many years to see a movie again because it is so difficult to be objective about it. And I get bored watching myself.

Your husband Vincent Cassel is also an actor. What’s it like seeing him transformed into a character on screen?

When I saw Mesrine I was really shocked because I saw a really great performance; I couldn’t recognize him. Only one part when he is talking with his kids in the prison did I think about how he moves with his own kid, but apart from that… It was really beautiful and moving to see such a great performance.

Do you two discuss your work and films?

Nothing. Vincent and I are in two different worlds. I don’t know his friends; he doesn’t know mine. We don’t see the same people. We don’t have the same life. Once in a while I come from my world, he comes from his world, and we meet each other. But we are two different animals. I am so independent and he is so independent so I think it is the only way to be together.

Is it difficult to raise your children like that?


Do your daughters understand what it is exactly that their parents do for a living?

No. Recently my daughter told me, “No mommy, I want to be like you. I don’t want to work. I just want to be a mother and when I grow up my daughter is going to work.” And this is perfect because she thinks I don’t work. She said: Life is beautiful, we are always in the hotels and houses, it’s great. I am so happy about that. It means I am with her all the time.

One day will she want to be an actress like you?

I hope not.


Because it’s a special work, but if she tells me she wants to be a knight I won’t say no because I think it’s beautiful to have a passion in life. If her passion is going to be acting then she has to do it.

They are individuals after all…

Yeah, she wants it or she doesn’t. If she has a passion it’s great, but it’s such a difficult job – beautiful but difficult. She has to deal with so many things. It’s better to do this job when you don’t have parents who come from the business. Vincent’s father is an actor and it wasn’t so easy for him to find his own identity because of that.

Was your family similar?

I come from a completely different family, so it’s easier. But when you come from a family where they are all actors, to compare becomes normal for the others and it can be very difficult for you. I know Vincent had to fight to find his own place because of his father.

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Short Profile

Name: Monica Anna Maria Bellucci
DOB: 30 September 1964
Place of Birth: Città di Castello, Umbria, Italy
Occupation: Actress



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29 Responses to this Interview

  1. She is everything and everyone… beauty and the beast… Gorgeous Monica :*

  2. She takes everything to the extreme, her beauty, her talent, and that’s one of the keys to success! she is my favorite actress since i was a kid, i love her!

  3. Once again, sad ‘female’ questions. Beauty, beauty, beauty, bla, bla bla. Do you have to prove yourself, do you doubt yourself? Classic questions about women doubting themselves. You don’t ask De Niro that, right?

    Shows a lot about the journalists view on women, and frankly, it’s really sad and backwards. I would suggest to read a book on gender and educate yourself, maybe some things would become clearer. I hope so anyway. I think we all should strive for a better understanding of our surrounding, especially for somebody who professionally expresses it.

    • I am fully in agreement with Mr.Michael’s comments

    • Thanks Michael for your expressed view here, calling attention to the journalists view on women – it’s good to question even the questions and understand the ground they emerge from. x Lone

    • I think I read your comment under Julie Delpy’s interview as well and it seemed as spot on as it is now… in fact, since reading your comment, I’m unconsciously looking at the questions MORE to detect any bias from the interviewer’s end.


    • Well said, Michael

    • once again, it’s not sad but beautiful that we are different: men and women. Hope it will stay that way for a while. Even that some of us are doubting ourself. It’s drives us crazy sometimes and sometimes it’s drives us forwards. And it’s wonderful that such a beauty as Monica is there in our world. Female pure.

    • Nuff said! :)

    • Michael, once again, well said. And thanks for saying it!

    • It’s about becoming better, not about lack of the confidence in yourself. This is something else. It’s like going to the next level to a game, nothing else. Does it seem to you that she doubts herself?

  4. Francisco Nava Nava

    I would like to hear more about her. For example: how she reach the film character that she is looking for?

  5. Monica Bellucci is possibly the most beautiful woman in the world, reminding us of the golden age of Italian beauties like Lea Massari, Laura Antonelli, Monica Vitti, Silvana Mangano and la Loren. They all had a head above their shoulders, and so does Monica. She’s really something.

  6. I like the interview. I think the questions are justified about her beauty, because any person looking at Monica Bellucci will be reminded of it, and she also has a background as a fashion model. I don’t see a problem with asking these questions, it isn’t taking away from her qualities as an actress. I actually think that people who are extremely beautiful (both genders) sometimes have a hard time being accepted in the industry; it isn’t all pretty, and why not explore these topics.

  7. Monica , one day , will have to choose a complete changement in her life and help for saving more and more souls .

  8. Its so inspirational to see actors challenging themselves, working hard to prove themselves to themselves! We so get strayed from out path proving things to ten other people but seldom to ourselves.
    From experience I can tell that a person who wants to explore the dark side of humanity wants it for good of society indirectly. It’s like when you keep yourself in a dark room deliberately, you feel that the outside world is well-lit and jolly. When you feel good you do good.
    But when you stay longer, you realize the importance of light and never let it vanish from other people’s life!

  9. What a beautiful answers
    Love ur movies

  10. Wow.. That’s great. I liked it very much :)

  11. Quiet Impressive

  12. Was only able to watch Irreversible once, a great performance but the most horrific rape scene ever…don’t ever want to see that again which gives tribute to her performance.

  13. that’s why….. we love you Bellucci!!

  14. She is my favourite actress. I have watched all of her movies again and again. And I really love her……..
    Allah bless her…

  15. Monica and Vincent are in two different worlds. It is so interesting. Definition of two universe. Big bang, everytime when they meet each other. Strune theory or something like that :)

  16. Michael,

    I absolutely agree, but am glad to hear you’ve made that observation too.
    I couldn’t help but feel I was reading into it, but with a number of these interviews the questions for women cover cliches that men are never subjected to. Beauty, weight, children, partner.

    These intelligent women always have interesting answers, but it’s the same boring questions.
    ‘She’ is more than a face/body/lover/mother.

    Come on! We’d never ask a man the complimentary question. Do your think your sucess is contingent upon your privilege?

    I want to keep enjoying these interviews so smarten up.

  17. She is extremely poised as an actor. My favourite since my growing days. Hope to see her in more significant roles near future. Kudos my diva

  18. mi piacerebbe fare un film con te Monica ma quel film che io o scritto

  19. Monica Bellucci is absolutely amazing. She has always been my favorite. It’s cool to see her perspective on things and a little insight into her life. =)

  20. In her film “Under Suspicion” Gene Hackman had a line, “A beautiful woman walks through life”

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