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Craig Green: “Keep making that weird stuff”

June 24, 2015

Mr. Green, do you take it as a compliment when a tabloid newspaper like the Daily Mail makes fun of your work as a fashion designer?

(Laughs) I think that season there were three labels that got ridiculed by the Daily Mail. It was me, Sibling, and J.W. Anderson. And it was all “weird” and people were really ripping into these things and the comments from the general public underneath… It was quite funny. It became this weird badge of honor. After that, people were trying to get into the Daily Mail. The next collection I did, I was like, “Shit, it wasn’t weird enough! They didn’t even comment on it!”

What was your initial reaction when your first collection was ridiculed by one of the biggest newspapers in the UK?

I was a bit like, “Oh God… it’s a joke. Everyone thinks it’s shit.” When you’ve just …

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