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Diane Kruger: “Who needs to be told what to think?”

October 7, 2015

Ms. Kruger, do you have a go-to person for advice?

Yes, I do — I go to therapy! That’s helped me a lot.

Is that the American influence on you?

Yeah! You’re absolutely right. Because in Europe nobody is like, “What’s wrong with you?” And you’re like, “So many things, you don’t even know!” (Laughs) In America people talk about it, so it’s no big deal. People take off work because they have to go to therapy. And at first, I thought this was crazy but I have to say, it’s freeing! And I think it’s actually made me a better actor.

How so?

Because you’re not confusing yourself. You know this is work, this is that… Or if you use something from your personal life for work, you’re able to, you know, make better categories of where to put things.

Do you need to partition things in your life?

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