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Giorgio Moroder: “I was always interested in the hits”

December 17, 2014

Mr. Moroder, did girls play a role in your decision to pursue a career in the music industry?

Sure, I was 15 when I started to play guitar. It’s simple, you play a little guitar at parties and the girls are getting interested. I guess I wanted to be a musician anyway, but with the additional allure of having some girls.

Why do you think that musicians are so appealing to girls?

First of all I think women generally like people in the arts – like painters, writers, and of course actors. They like that aura of success. But musicians appeal to girls the most because music speaks to everybody. I guess the girls hear somebody singing “I love you” and they think, “Yeah, of course. He loves me.” There are a lot of reasons, but one is the intimacy that a good song or a…

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