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Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore: “We want to feel something”

August 24, 2016

Ms. Moore, you once remarked that an actor’s career could evaporate in an instant. Does that still worry you?

Well, I think what I said is that it’s not unprecedented. It does happen. You often find yourself thinking, “What happened to that actor? Where’d they go?” I mean of course there are extenuating circumstances, generally something has happened, but it’s not a guarantee. Acting is a freelance job just like any freelance job. And even these days, even a job that’s supposed to be long-term is not always long-term. They say people have six or seven careers in their lifetime now — so you don’t know.

You are way past that stage, but could you imagine yourself in another career?

At this point it would be hard because I’m so old. (Laughs) To try to find something brand new… I don’t know. It’s funny because when my son was looking at colleges, my husband and I were visiting schools with him. Of course everywhere we went, it makes us feel like we want to go back to school! When you’re older that you think, I want to learn that. I would like to do that. And I did say to my husband, “Maybe I’m going to be one of those ladies who goes back to Adult Ed.” Who knows?

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Last week’s Interview
Douglas Gordon

Douglas Gordon: “You pull yourself up and you push it out”

August 17, 2016

Mr. Gordon, you once said that art is a bit like sneezing in public and that the gallery stops it from actually getting on the meat. When was the last time you sneezed?

Well my allergies are so bad that I can’t stop it. (Laughs) I was coming out of the bathroom at a Thai restaurant last week and I sneezed as the waitress walked past. She was quite surprised. That was literally when it last happened, but when have I done it art-wise? I think it is as much about social behavior, too. One time that really stands out was probably in New York when I did this piece with the pianist Helene Grimaud. It was such a pressure for me that my use of various anesthetics was on a champion’s league level. I should have been a little bit more careful!

Didn’t you once say that from the moment you stepped into the Armory for that piece, you wanted to piss all over it? That might have been part of it…

That was a bit of sneeze, true. An involuntarily evacuation of fluid from your body — or a voluntary one. I once got donkeys into the Palais des Papes in Avignon to piss on the floor. That was a funny thing.

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