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Wayne Coyne

Wayne Coyne: “You get to be a bigger version of yourself”

November 30, 2016
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Mr. Coyne, what has been your most liberating revelation?

Part of you doesn’t really realize just how cool it is not to give a fuck, you know?I am very concerned about like, “Is this working?” People are spending their money and giving us their time and all this sort of stuff…But not giving a fuck is a way of giving more love because you’re free. It lets you be more creative and dynamic and louder and more fun and sadder and everything.

Has it been a challenge to get to that point?

It’s hard, yeah. I mean, look, I probably would never have worn that muscle suit — this skintight Halloween suit that looks like muscles with tassels on my dick and all that, you know? You think, “This just looks too absurd,” but in the one way, it’s a costume. I get to be this character and it’s not really me. You really get to be a bigger version of yourself but you don’t feel so self-conscious because you’re in this suit… It saturates you more with who you are by being something else. It’s all an extension of you.

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Last week’s Interview
Jim Jarmusch

Jim Jarmusch: “What are they afraid of?”

November 23, 2016

Mr. Jarmusch, you’ve lived in New York for over 40 years. Do you consider yourself a New Yorker?

I have lived there for so long, but I am not a New Yorker. Originally I am from Akron, Ohio, which borders Michigan. Whenever anyone says I’m a New Yorker, I cringe. I’ve also lived in Berlin. I love Tokyo, it’s so bizarre and beautiful. I love Paris in the springtime. I love Rome. I love cities! I think of cities as my lovers.

Cities are your lovers?

Yeah, I had some really beautiful lovers. I still do. But if I didn’t have family or friends, and I just wanted to go away from the world, I would go to Tangier in Morocco. I like being in a culture that is not alcohol-based, that is hashish-based. The city has a celebratory sense of music and culture. I feel good there. I’d love to disappear there. But you know, I’m going to Mexico City later this year. I’ve never been there but all my friends have been saying, “Jim, we are afraid that if you go to Mexico City, you will never come back.” (Laughs) So, I’m excited to go there.

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