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New Interview
Luca Guadagnino

Luca Guadagnino: “I try to surrender to my evidences”

March 21, 2018
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Mr. Guadagnino, do you believe in the Auteur Theory?

I think Hollywood believes in the Auteur Theory — you know why? They would not endorse a very individual voice like Christopher Nolan otherwise. Nolan made movies that have been successful, sure, but many other directors have also been successful and they are still going through the process of control… But Nolan goes for his own way. He is one of the ultimate auteurs.

What about for you personally as a filmmaker?

I don’t believe in the Auteur Theory. I think it is a fantastic idea but — actually, you know what? Yes I do. I’ll tell you why: because the real Auteur Theory says, “The greatest auteur of all times was Hitchcock.” Alfred Hitchcock was considered a popcorn movie director who was working for the studios but actually he owned the studios, he part-owned Universal at a certain stage of his life. His movies were such an individual creation and they were really forged in a way that only he could do. He was in such a control of his work. And I would say the possibility of that complete control is what drives my projects.

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Last week’s Interview
Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster: “We are in an era of identity searching”

March 14, 2018
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Ms. Foster, what fuels your decision making these days?

Lately, I’ve really understood in a really personal way how fear is the core emotion that creates every choice for us.

In what ways?

My mom has dementia and to watch as she shed part of her socialization… What we got back down to was this core of fear. Everything was about fear — to see how much fear is essential in who we are as animals is amazing. I grew up in a single parent home house so my mom is a huge part of my life, the most significant relationship in my life that will ever be. She is my work life, and that whole process from birth until the time that you say goodbye, I really understand from both sides, from a daughter’s side and also from having two children.

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