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New Interview
J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons: “Good writing makes me crazy”

September 28, 2016
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Mr. Simmons, do you think your appearance influences the kind of roles you’re given?

Sure, sometimes the casting decision is as simple as, “I am who I am, I look like this, I have a low voice, and I look like somebody’s dad or somebody’s boss or the police chief.” Those are just the roles that often have happened to come my way.

Does that bother you?

Well, within that universe there are enough differences in those characters and in the style of those pieces to keep it interesting, you know? Half the fun of doing what I do for a living is that I get to do different things. There are certain similarities in a lot of characters I’ve played but I’ve gotten to play nice guys and bad guys, dumb guys and smart guys… They tend to be bald guys. (Laughs) But I even get to wear hair sometimes too! It’s always a treat to get to play another evil bastard.

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Last week’s Interview
Petra Collins

Petra Collins: “I know what it’s like to be there”

September 21, 2016
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Petra, your photography captures not only the beauty of its teenaged subjects, but also their struggles with identity and coming of age. Do you remember your first identity crisis?

You know, I didn’t really have an identity crisis because I really, really knew who I always wanted to be… But I definitely had a lot of problems with my body. I was very skinny and I guess my body was sort of pre-pubescent but when I grew hips and thighs, I just didn’t know where I was in the world. It was weird… We have this weird beauty standard where women like shouldn’t grow: what we think is feminine is often what is also pre-pubescent. So it’s just a strange in-between that you live in you’re like, “Oh I’m a woman but I’m also supposed to look like what I did when I was 12…”

Unfortunately those anxieties never really go away, even as we get older.

It’s something that I continue to struggle with. Most girls, I think, are sharing these problems, which is so sad. I read a really good quote that says, “Women learn to exhibit their bodies, not inhabit them,” which I thought was so correct. (Laughs)

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