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Judy Chicago: “Get used to it!”

September 2, 2015

Ms. Chicago, when people look back at this moment in the history of art, what do you hope that they’ll say about you?

I hope that they’ll say that I made a contribution to art history. That was my goal from the time I was a little girl. That was what I’ve been intent on doing all along, to make a contribution to art. That’s what my life has been about. And trying to demonstrate that women have as much to say as men. They’re just as worthy to be in our museums and our history books – that’s what my life has been about, and that’s what I’ve been hoping to prove. That gives meaning to life. And purpose.

You often use traditional male skills, like pyrotechnics and welding, and contrast them with traditionally female art skills, like embroidery. Is art gendered?

Art isn’t gendered, but artists are. I …

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