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Marco Brambilla: “There’s too much going on”

January 28, 2015

Mr. Brambilla, are you the only person to ever direct a film with Sylvester Stallone and have artwork in the Guggenheim Museum?

Yes, that’s probably correct!

How did you get to direct a huge blockbuster like Demolition Man at age 28?

David Fincher actually got me my first film. Because we were friends and he wasn’t available to make a project with the producer Joel Silver, he recommended me. The films I was making when I was in my early teens were all experimental tone films and visual things, so when I was seduced by Hollywood it was an interesting way to work on a big scale with a lot of resources.

So why did you turn your back on Hollywood so quickly and move to the art world?

Once I realized the importance of marketing and the importance of everything other than the content itself,…

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