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Erdem Moralioglu: “She’s so many different people”

November 19, 2014

Erdem, how did growing up with a twin sister influence your path to becoming a womenswear designer?

Having your twin as the opposite sex is kind of an interesting thing. It’s like the female version of yourself. Of course we’re from different eggs, but I have a very close bond with my sister. She knows me inside and out. And I think that’s at least partly where my obsession with women comes from. I was always obsessed with women! Looking at how women dressed, how they carried themselves, what lipstick they wore, how they smelled. I was very attracted to women – not sexually – but I was obsessed with how and what women looked like. From a very, very young age, I only ever drew women.

How young?

When I was around three or four. When I was given a piece of paper and a…

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