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New Interview
Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi: “I don’t really think about emotions”

October 18, 2017
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Mr. Buscemi, is it ever possible to be completely in control when you’re working on a film as an actor?

I don’t worry about having control so much. I think as an actor when you go in, you are sort of giving up that control unless you’re directing the film yourself. And I guess I don’t have that much concern about it when I’m working with really good directors. Film is collaboration, and I think all of the really good directors surround themselves with the best people.

And vice versa, in a way. You once said that if Quentin Tarantino had been an asshole director that nobody had respected, he would have completely lost control of the set on Reservoir Dogs.

(Laughs) When did I say that? You must have dug deep!

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Last week’s Interview
Pat Steir

Pat Steir: “I avoid struggle”

October 16, 2017

Ms. Steir, what moves you about the way that colors interact on a canvas?

Everything. Everything moves me about it. That’s my business, the way colors interact when they’re on a canvas together or when they’re out the window together or when they’re on your dress together. Color affects me.I’m really not working with anything else but color so it has an emotional and physical affect on me.

Have you always felt that way about it?

Well, I chose to work with color my whole life. I think everybody is moved by color — aren’t you?

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