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New Interview
Pat Steir

Pat Steir: “I avoid struggle”

October 16, 2017

Ms. Steir, what moves you about the way that colors interact on a canvas?

Everything. Everything moves me about it. That’s my business, the way colors interact when they’re on a canvas together or when they’re out the window together or when they’re on your dress together. Color affects me.I’m really not working with anything else but color so it has an emotional and physical affect on me.

Have you always felt that way about it?

Well, I chose to work with color my whole life. I think everybody is moved by color — aren’t you?

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Last week’s Interview
Judi Dench

Judi Dench: “I have an irrational fear of boredom”

October 11, 2017

Ms. Dench, after so many years in film, have you ever gotten bored with acting?

Boredom is not something I do much because I have an irrational fear of boredom. The only time I’m really bored is when I am on my own.

Why is that?

Because I have nothing to do! And now that I’m losing my sight; I can’t read, I can’t drive — and I love to drive! I drove an old MG without taking a test until I was 50. (Laughs) I was a fiend when I was driving. I can’t do it anymore, and that is very boring. But you learn to adjust. There is nothing interesting about getting older, it's horrible. In fact, I might start going back the other way. Somebody the other day took a photo of me and this app guesses how old you are. It said I was 20 years younger than I am! Suddenly, the day was absolutely glorious!

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