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Sam Rockwell: “It’s just being there for the first time”

January 21, 2015

Mr. Rockwell, what was the smartest thing that you did in your career?

It was probably studying acting with William Esper. I did that for two years when I was 24 years old in ’91. I was in desperate need of training and I had done theater, but I needed some training. I studied Meisner for two years and then I met my acting coach there, Terry Knickerbocker. I still coach with Terry. It’s been a huge thing for me.

Was studying acting about learning technique or did it also influence the way you approach your work in general?

It’s everything. It’s the foundation, it’s the discipline. Acting is a discipline like anything else, you know? If it’s done well, like carpentry or anything else, there’s a discipline to it, a science to it.

An art to it?

Hopefully it’s an artsy job. (Laughs)

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