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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman: “You choose the path”

April 17, 2019

Ms. Kidman, are you a spontaneous person?

I do have a spontaneous kind of nature. Like, “You want to go there? Let’s go there!” I mean, I like being up for anything. I think that is a virtue in terms of a personality. Because why not? I am on the journey and I want to see and do as much as I can and go to the weird extraordinary corners where a lot of people don’t go.

And what about in terms of your work?

I think in my art I have always been that way, yeah. I like shaking things up and I like trying things and I like being brazen and taking risks. I recently did a film called Destroyer, and it was so far removed from anything I had done. I had grown up on those films that Al Pacino, and DeNiro, and Gene Hackman and all those guys from the seventies made — these crime noir thrillers. And I was like, “Where’s the female one of those?”

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Last week’s Interview
The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers: “That feeling lives with you”

April 10, 2019
 Listen to Audio Excerpt Listen to Audio Excerpt

Tom, what do you wish you had known when you first started making music?

I think when you start making music, you don’t really have a choice what you make. You’re like, “I can only do it this way because this is the only thing I can do. I don’t have the skills or the knowledge of what I’m doing to have a choice about how these drums should sound or what this bassline should be. This is just what comes out of me.” Maybe that’s the kind of mid-point of your trajectory. Then you learn that skill and craft can sometimes be overrated! Especially with electronic music, it’s so easy to make technically good sounding music that is just very boring.

Ron Hardy’s “Sensation,” for example, has an amazing naïve sound in that he sounds like he doesn’t know what he’s doing but he really does.

Right! You realize that that skill is not as exciting as the instinctual thing that you have about making music. Sometimes that can get in the way. So with Ron Hardy edits, that’s music that is just stripped to its core! It’s rudimentary in its execution but the sophistication comes from the experience of the person who’s made it.

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