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Johnny Marr: “Who cares about authentic?”

October 1, 2014

Mr. Marr, over the years you’ve been a full-time member of numerous bands, including The Smiths, The The, and Modest Mouse, and you’ve collaborated with other artists on countless albums and films. Would you consider yourself restless?

As the years have gone on, I’ve had to explain that I’m not actually a workaholic. The collaborations and being in different bands and doing movies and all this stuff confuses people, because if you’re first known for being in a rock band, you’re supposed to stand up against that wall in your leather jacket with the same three guys for 45 years. (Laughs) And if you work from one project to another to another, you’re supposed to be a workaholic, like you have some pathological restlessness. But that never seemed to bother Brian Eno very much…


But because I’m a rock guitar player, there’s a certain archetype…

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