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Isabella Rossellini: “Things will come back”

October 29, 2014

Ms. Rossellini, after a long and successful career as a model and an actress, you recently started a Master’s degree in animal behavior. Why did you want to go back to university?

I was always interested in animals, but when I was little, animal behavior was still a new science. It was available to become a veterinarian, it was available to study biology, but not specifically animal behavior. In the ’60s Jane Goodall was the founder of this new science. She looked at animal behavior in the wild, not in a lab where we realized we distorted their behavior, and now it has become a full degree at the university. As I grew older, I worked less as an actor and as a model and I went back to what I had tried to do when I was young but wasn’t really available. I’m so glad now to be…

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