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Georg Baselitz

Georg Baselitz: “The good things will never cause anyone to look”

May 25, 2016

Mr. Baselitz, is it true that you began making art because you were looking for attention?

Yes. That is something that many artists, many actors, many TV show hosts do, they start painting because of course they can’t play the piano or the violin — you have to take lessons for that, but painting you don’t have to learn. I’m thinking of artists like Udo Lindenberg or Gloria von Thurn und Taxis or Armin Mueller-Stahl… You can just claim to be able to paint.

So one doesn’t necessarily need talent to paint?

In art and in painting the “wunderkind effect” plays a very small role. In the history of music there have been lots of wunderkinder — that is very important because with music talent is a great advantage. But in art, it’s rather the opposite.

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Last week’s Interview
Benjamin Millepied

Benjamin Millepied: “It’s not a matter of perfection”

May 18, 2016
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Mr. Millepied, why did you quit as artistic director of the Paris Opera Ballet after only two years?

Life is short. And I really want to create something instead of trying to bend an institution. I would rather go back to America and build what I started and create a new artistic model with more freedom and with more flexibility. It’s not about the size or the prestige of it, but the quality of the projects.

So you're in a hurry?

Yes, I was in a hurry. You only have one life. I’m 38, I have a certain amount of energy and I want to use that. And it’s now. It’s not in five years. I’m interested in finding out how to create a new artistic model. This ballet company — this is the jewel of France. It’s a very old institution with very strict rules and with issues. But how great if it were to reflect the society that is the French society today!

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