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François Ozon: “I don't suffer”

July 16, 2014

Mr. Ozon, your films have always portrayed the inner psyche of women extremely well. What fascinates you about women?

I think it’s easier for me to work with women and actresses. I take more pleasure because they are more clever, they are able to take more risks. I think there is a chemistry between us, more than with men. Maybe because I’m a man I have more distance from them and it’s easier for me to work with women. Very often when I work with men, there are problems with the ego of the actor, they are more complicated. And sometimes I feel like I’m in front of myself and if I’m the director it’s because I want to be behind the camera not in front of the camera.

When did you realize that you prefer to tell stories from a woman’s perspective?

I discovered that…

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