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Gaetano Pesce

Gaetano Pesce: “The future is a beautiful time”

January 11, 2017
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Mr. Pesce, before this interview took place there was an announcement about your death on social media. How did you manage to rise from the dead?

(Laughs) The story is more satire than that. Last year an art critic in Florence named Sergio Risaliti invited me to do an installation in Florence at the Sala dell’Udienza inside Piazza della Signoria. In this square there is a painting by Michelangelo et cetera, so it was very prestigious. I asked to show an exhibition called Majesty Betrayed which is a commentary on the reality of women, that they are suffering because of the prejudices of men. I made a chair with the shape of the body of a woman with the ottoman connected to it by a chain — the image of a prisoner. Eventually, a journalist from France who had seen the plan for the exhibition sent an Instagram to the mayor of Florence saying that she was disappointed that he was using the Sala as a showroom for a chair company.

And what did the mayor say?

He responded saying, “I know nothing about that.” That was not true because he was following our project for four months! I was bothered that he didn’t correct this journalist. In the end, I ended up moving the exhibition to the Piazza Santa Maria Novella where there is a museum… But still, I was disappointed with the mayor’s response so I decided not to go the opening of the exhibition. When the mayor heard that I was not coming anymore, he said, “Gaetano is not coming? We won’t show this sculpture until he comes to Florence.”

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Last week’s Interview
Steve Carell

Steve Carell: “It’s different every time”

January 4, 2017
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Mr. Carell, did you ever worry that being a comedian would restrict you as an actor?

I don’t want to change someone’s opinion of what I do or what I’m capable of doing. I think that sort of clouds what you’re doing or the choices you make, you know? If you are making choices to prove something to someone I don’t feel like that benefits anyone. So if people think of me as a comedic actor or as a dramatic actor or whatever… That’s fine! I just feel fortunate to be getting jobs and working, so people can think what they want.

You don’t feel like you have anything to prove?

It’s more that I don’t care about how people perceive me. I think to choose parts based on how it’s going to be perceived and how people will interpret me as an actor… That doesn’t help me and it’s not something that I concentrate on.

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