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New Interview
Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott: “You can't have a comfortable ride”

June 20, 2018
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Mr. Scott, are you a competitive person?

I’m very competitive! I think I first realized that in school, where I struggled in class. I was not stupid, but I was very bad! I was bottom of my secondary school class for five years! I was 29 out of 29 in my class and could never really work it out. Maybe to give myself a little excuse, maybe I was a little dyslexic: “I can’t concentrate on what this guy is telling me, it’s fucking boring!” (Laughs)

So what did you do?

Well, I went off to do what I was good at, which was art. So on the first opportunity I had, I went to art school and that is where I took off. Art school was my revelation: I was good at it. It went way further and faster than I ever imagined. Once I went to art school, I loved it so much that after West Hartlepool College of Art, I got in everywhere: The Royal College in London, the Slade, all kinds of places. I thought I better follow it through because at least I can end up in a job that I enjoy. I ended up going to Royal College and that was the start of the evolution, the springboard.

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Last week’s Interview
Carla Sozzani

Carla Sozzani: “You need generosity to do this”

June 13, 2018

Ms. Sozzani, as a gallery curator and an art collector, do you think your photography collection has collected you in some way?

Absolutely, in my case, yes! (Laughs) But I didn’t really even want to have a collection. I never thought about making one — but that’s why it’s so diversified, you know? People make a collection that is normally concentrated on something but me I was concentrating on keeping the things I loved, that talked to me, that meant something in my life. So, yes, the collection has definitely collected me. For me it’s also natural thing.

It has grown organically?

Very much so over the last 50 years. I wanted to keep it as a memory for tracing my life, I never even realized it had grown to over 1000 pieces! I don’t know. It’s part of my life. I’m happy that somebody put some order in it now that I am exhibiting them. I look at the photos now like I see them for the first time.

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