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Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer: “That’s all I can ask for”

May 16, 2018
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Ms. Schumer, is laughter is always good weapon?

For me, it is, yeah. If you just laugh no matter what is going on, you feel like everything is going to be okay.

Has being a comedian helped you in that respect?

Nothing about being performer has helped me. I mean, okay — Internet trolling does not get me down at all anymore, which is cool. When I started out and I was first on TV 10 years ago, it’s scary. And now it’s like, “Oh, please.” But that stuff can be traumatizing. I feel lucky that I became known when I was older, really in my thirties because if you are a kid when that happens, how can that not damage you? So, that’s a lesson, for sure but mostly it’s really been about living my life.

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Last week’s Interview
Max Richter

Max Richter: “I like to get to the essentials”

May 11, 2018

Mr. Richter, what color is your music?

(Laughs) Well, that’s very interesting — every song is different but blue was kind of a religion for me for a long time, even as a kid I just had this affinity with it. In a way it’s probably personal, isn’t it? You connect to things uniquely. I don’t have synesthesia but I think when music is really intense, it’s almost like it’s more than just hearing. If you’re at a gig and there’s just something amazing going on, it’s not really just hearing, it’s more of a total body sense, isn’t it? You get transported and all your senses kind of join up. And that’s sort of the thing I’m looking for in music.

Do you think that’s also the thing that your audience looks for in your music?

The thing for me is that I do think of music as half of the conversation; what I’ve written is half of it, and somebody who’s listening to it, they bring their biography, they bring everything they’ve been through their whole life, the other music they like… And that sort of completes it. So then you get this amazing reaction — and that’s where the work is, the meeting point between the text that I’ve produced, this object, and the listener. And that for me is really exciting.

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